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M 6 Students February 8, 2017

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We have 3 topics for blogging. PLEASE go back to your course syllabus and follow that. Your grade depends on you!


Shopping at Malls October 18, 2009

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have a classmate. Her name is Ying. Ying very much. She beautiful things in the shopping malls. The Mall Department Store is her favorite place. Ying has one close friend, Jib. Jib loves shopping too. So Ying and Jib every weekend. They always go to the Mall Department store in the morning by bus. Ying enjoys the ready-made clothing shops so they go there first. Ying likes to buy T-shirts and jeans there because very beautiful and not expensive. Then, they always go to the gem stores. Jib likes to buy some necklaces. There are many kinds of necklaces there. Jib always buys them for souvenirs . At noon, they at the food center. After that, they go to the supermarket some groceries. Sometimes they see the movie at EGV theatre or go to the bookstores. When they at the Mall Department Store, they to their dormitory in the afternoon by bus.

At Home October 12, 2009

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How long hEvery Saturday morning I get up at eight o’clock. I immediately cook breakfast and my daughter and my wife and I usually have breakfast together. I usually go shopping. My daughter and wife usually go to the park to have some fun with the other children in our neighborhood. After I do the shopping, I come home and my wife and I clean the house. My wife then cooks lunch while my daughter plays in her room and then we eat together. After lunch, we sometimes go shopping. If we don’t go shopping, we often go to the countryside for a nice walk. We often get home quite late and have a small dinner. We usually watch a film on TV and then go to bed at about eleven o’clock. ave you learned English?


Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Hi! My name is Rossana Madsathawee, but please call me Rosie. Nice to see you on blogs. I’m a starter for blogging. Just come to share ideas and teach me how to decorate my blogs! ^^ I’m open for everyone.